Supported Technologies

Operating Systems

We specialize in Linux

All of our engineers are certified in Linux system administration through LPIC. Due to the open source nature of the Linux operating system, anyone with the necessary skills can build and release their own distribution. Fortunately our team has the technical expertise to provide support to a wide-variety of Linux distributions. Three of the most popular distributors are Red Hat, Ubuntu, and CentOS.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is one of the most popular paid distributions and is known for being the most widely-supported distribution in corporate IT. Red Hat delivers military-grade security and support for business-critical workloads. 90% of fortune global 500 companies use Red Hat products and solutions.

CentOS is an open source version of Red Hat. It is a community-driven software effort focused on delivering a robust ecosystem. A prevailing factor that influences web hosting clients to choose CentOS is web hosting control panel capability, making CentOS dominant within the web hosting industry and popular among our customers.

Ubuntu is based on the respected Debian distribution. Originally developed as a desktop Linux distribution, it is now one of the most powerful distributions on the market. One of the key differences between Ubuntu and Red Hat or CentOS is that it is a distribution developed specifically for experts and can get very complicated very quickly, contributing to the reasons that it is so common for us to provide support for this distribution.

These distributions of Linux are some of the most popular on the market and our customers generally use one of them, or something similar. Although these three are some of the most common, we also have the capabilities to service other distributions of Linux as well as the expertise needed to service Windows or macOS.

Cloud Technologies

Cloud technology is an internet-based computing architecture that provides sharing of data and processing power between computers. Many of our customers employ the use of cloud technologies and they can play an integral role in the success of a company. We provide support for multiple cloud platforms, including Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is by far the most widely used and prevalent within the market today. One of the main reasons for Amazon Web Services popularity is the widespread geographic distribution and the amount of services that are offered. The various services are very well integrated and they provide a very comprehensive cloud service. Many of our customers choose AWS because of the breadth of capabilities and reliability that the platform provides for their company.

The Google Cloud Platform is a cloud computing service that offer hosting on the same supporting infrastructure that Google uses internally for products like Google Search and YouTube. The Google Cloud Platform provides a set of modular cloud-based services with a host of development tools. Such as, hosting and computing, cloud storage, data storage, translations APIs and prediction APIs. One of the strengths of this platform is that Google Computer Engine bills in a minute-level increments, so users always pay for exactly what they used. For all of these reasons many of the customers that we support choose the Google Cloud Platform.

Virtualization Technologies

Virtualization technologies allow for remote access to servers and other data transfer systems. This is accomplished through the creation of a virtual machine that acts as a real computer with an operating system. The software provider that we use and support for our customers is call VMware.

VMware is a virtualization and cloud computing software provider based in Palo Alto, California. With VMware server virtualization, a hypervisor is installed on the physical server to allow for multiple virtual machines to run on the same physical server. Multiple operating systems can run on one physical server because each virtual machine can run its own OS. Virtualization technology is a powerful tool that our team is extremely versed in using and providing support for our customers who also use this technology.

Control Panel

cPanel is an online Linux-based web hosting control panel that provides a graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a web site. cPanel uses a 3 tier structure that provides capabilities for administrators, resellers, and end-user website owners. This allows the control of the various aspects of website and server administration through a standard web browser. Whatever tasks our customers are attempting to accomplish using cPanel, our team has the expertise to supply quality support.


Our network operating centerĀ has the capabilities to support a plethora of applications. For example, in the area of database applications we support both MongoDB and MySQL. MongoDB is an open source database that uses a document-oriented data model. Different than a relational database, MongoDB is built upon an architecture of collections and documents. A second database application that we support is MySQL. MySQL is an open-source relational database management system. This application is used in many high profile, large-scale websites, including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

We also support web server applications. The most popular web server application that we helpĀ our customers with is Apache. Apache provides a variety of features ranging from server-side programming language support to authentication schemes. Whichever feature our customers need assistance with, our team has more than enough experience with web server applications to provide insight.